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About Us

Meet Jefit Bradshaw

Back in 1998, I came across tourism by means of my aunt. My aunt operated at the local craft market in Ocho Rios. This gave me the opportunity to interact with Tourists, offering our local craft items as souvenirs which gave birth to the my love for this industry. The warmth and appreciation for our culture and island is so remarkable. So, because of this bliss I feel, to this day my love for tourism continues to grow. As I get the chance everyday to share my country with others who enjoy every bit of this island life. Creating memorable moments with friends and family. 

Image by Niconor Brown
Image by Obi - @pixel6propix

Adventure & Experience

Entering the beautiful island Jamaica, You will immediately feel the warm tropical breeze and the island vibe. Our aim is for you to experience the island by doing a deep dive in our amazing culture. Meet our diverse people, learn our many dances, taste the rich flavors of our cuisines and stop to get a Red Stripe beer on your way. The many adventures to behold are unforgettable, so let's go on this incredible journey.

Come See Sweet Jamaica!

See the beautiful mountains and rolling hills. Sit and watch romantic sunsets, then experience the tranquility of the 
aquamarine beaches. Visit nature trails and interact with endemic species like the hummingbird and the swallowtail butterfly. Dive into crystal clear rivers, pristine waterfalls, and springs. We have a lot to show you!

Image by Paul Mathew

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